What are the pros and cons of the paleo diet?

The paleo diet is based around the types of foods that would have been eaten by early humans. It consists mainly of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Some of the pros and cons of following this diet are explored below.

Pros Of The Paleo Diet

– You will be consuming fewer preservatives. The paleo diet does not include any processed food so the amount of additives and preservatives that you consume will be cut right down.

– You may feel less hungry. The paleo diet contains foods that have high levels of protein. This means you may feel less hungry between meals.

– It can have anti-inflammatory benefits. The nuts and oils that you can eat on this diet are known to have properties that can reduce inflammation.

– It can help those with an iron deficiency. When you are following a paleo diet you will be consuming higher amounts of red meat which will increase your intake of iron.

Cons Of The Paleo Diet

– It can be expensive. Processed food is often cheaper than buying a lot of fresh ingredients and so you will probably find that your grocery bill will increase.

– You may find you lack energy. The paleo diet excludes whole grains which a lot of people use as a source of energy.

– It is not always suitable for vegetarians. Vegetarians often rely on legumes to get the protein that they need in their diet but these are not allowed in the paleo diet.

As with all types of healthy eating plans, the paleo diet will be more suitable for some people than others. The above list of pros and cons can help you decide whether it is something that is going to be right for you.

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